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Annual Report 2012

Bonazzi Foundation for the Promotion of Science Education

Annual Report- December, 2012

In 2012, The Foundation continued its mission to provide funding for scholarships for aspiring science teachers and quality professional development for practicing teachers.

In May, 2012, Robert Bonazzi, Chairman of the Bonazzi Foundation received the Mercer County College Foundation, Spirit of Education Award.  This award, recognized Bob, and the Bonazzi Foundation, for our continued support of MCCC students through the yearly scholarship.

A full scholarship was provided the Mercer County College second year student, Robert Frank Albertson, III.  Robert intends to continue his study of physics at The College of New Jersey and become a science teacher.   Funding for the scholarship was held over from 2011 when the MCCC Foundation was unable to identify a student meeting the criteria for the scholarship.

In June-July, 2012, The Foundation sponsored the one week intensive training through the Pinelands Preservation Alliance.  Fourteen practicing science teachers completed the two week course. 

The Foundation also supported the professional development program for teachers at the new Cape Romain Environmental Education Charter School (CREECS) in McClellanville, SC. 

Fundraising during 2012 came primarily from Bonazzi family members with a few donations from Bob’s colleagues.  Funding of administrative services including web site development and accounting were donated  by Bob and Kathy Bonazzi

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