The Life Science Field Training Institiute

The Bonazzi Foundation for the Promotion of Science Education teams up with The Pinelands Alliance to bring The Life Science Field Training Institiute this summer.
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William P. Ersing accepts the Bonazzi Foundation scholarship for students pursuing a career in Science Education.
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Annual Life Science Field Training Institute

The Bonazzi Foundation for the Promotion of Science Education is proud to support the Pinelands Preservation Allience's Life Science Field Training Institute. Join us in June for a 5-day field science experience that will strengthen field-based investigations in your teaching and help you improve student peformance!

Who should participate?

-Teachers interested in complementing existing life science courses or developing Advanced Placement Biology and Environmental Science programs.
-Facilitators of science independent study or honors projects.
-Math educators interested in incorporating field data sets in the classroom.
-Interested educators needing Professional Development hours.

What will we do?

-This program will introduce participants to a variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitats as we explore various topics in the biological and environmental sciences, including general ecology, population dynamics, community interactions, field sampling techniques, endangered species conservation, biodiversity, water pollution, resource use and biostatistics.
-Participating science educators will be better prepared to incorporate student-collected data sets and investigations into the lab and lecture components of their curricula. Facilitators of independent study or honors science programs will be able to diversify the opportunities for their scholars.
-Teachers and districts considering expanding their AP offerings will be prepared in field and lab techniques that will support new curricula.
-Field trip planning, group management techniques, curriculum mapping and interdisciplinary opportunities will be explored.

Program Information

-Program fee is FREE but requires a $50.00 deposit, refundable upon completion of the program (includes course materials, lunches and snacks, and transport to and from field sites.)
-For more information, contact: Mike Hunninghake at: or by phone (609) 859-8860 x24.
-Graduate Credit is available through Rutgers University. Contact Mike for more information.

-You can learn more here:

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